Echo Park Lake is the centerpiece of the City's crown jewel of parks. The 13-acre urban lake is surrounded by 16 acres of recreational open space all located in the Echo Park/Silverlake neighborhood. Historical records indicate the lake was originally built as a water supply reservoir in the 1860's.

Today, the lake serves as a detention basin in the City's storm drainage system while providing waterfowl habitat and recreational opportunities. The surrounding parklands, charming footbridge, quaint boathouse, beautiful lotus beds, and lake have captivated the public for decades. The lake offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy paddle boating, catch-and-release fishing, model boating, jogging, and strolls around the perimeter pathway.

Friends of Echo Park Lake
We are pleased to announce that project construction is underway and we are another step closer to renewing Echo Park Lake!

Approved Prop O Projects


Echo Park Lake was identified in the 2006 California 303 (d) list as being impaired by algae, ammonia, copper, eutrophic (low oxygen) conditions, lead, odor, PCBs, pH, and trash. The lake is utilized today as a flood control basin to help manage peak flows during storm events. Restoration of the lake is essential to meet water quality standards as well as the needs of the surrounding community. The project objectives are:
  • Improve water quality in the lake so it can make a positive contribution to the quality of urban runoff in the Los Angeles River Watershed as a part of the Prop O objectives and TMDL requirements;
  • Reduce the amount of lake water seeping into the surrounding soils. This exfiltration requires a significant amount of potable water to keep the lake full during drier months;
  • Protect and enhance the full range of community uses in the park;
  • Implement multipurpose solutions at the lake consistent with Proposition O objectives including water supply, water quality, flood reduction, stormwater reuse, and recreation.

If you have questions or comments, please email the outreach coordinator or call (213) 978-0317. The project descriptions and designs here are conceptual and subject to change.