Q: Will construction cause any interruption in traffic or parking in the area?
A: Most work in or near Machado Lake will take place away from roadways. As the project develops, impacts to traffic and parking in the area will be assessed.
Q: Will noise, dust or other construction impacts disturb residents or others who work near the project site?
A: Some work in the Wilmington Channel may be visible or audible to local residents. Contractors will employ mitigation measures to minimize construction impacts.
Q: How will pollution be prevented from entering the lake?
Pollution prevention measures will be designed for and placed in the Wilmington Channel, upstream of the lake, to help collect trash and other contaminants before they reach the lake. In addition, other storm drains that flow into the lake will also have these features to further reduce pollution impacts.
Q: Does the lake have to be drained?
The lake level may need to be altered and possibly drained during construction to allow dredging and construction in the lake. This will be determined as the construction plans are finalized.
Q: Which plants are native and which are non-native? How are these differences being taken into account?
Surveys of the project area’s habitats, and plant and animal species are being conducted. The project design will take into account the results of these surveys in order to restore native plants and habitat.
Q: What benefits will my neighborhood get from the projects?
The proposed stormwater treatment will help reduce the amount of trash and other pollutants in the Wilmington Drain, Machado Lake, and the Los Angeles Harbor. The proposed projects will improve and, in the case of the Wilmington Drain Multiuse project, expand the park facilities.
Q: When will construction start?
We are early in the development of these projects. At this time, Machado Lake work is proposed to begin in Summer 2012. Wilmington Drain construction is also scheduled to begin construction in the Spring of 2012.

If you have questions or comments, please call the outreach coordinator at (213) 978-0317. The project description, concepts and design are preliminary and subject to change.